Brent Noland - Proprietor

I have almost 4 decades of varied geological experience working for companies extracting energy resources in Western Canada mainly in rocks of Cretaceous age. Much of my work involved the use of computer technology to better understand and utilize earth energy resources.

Now I combine field trips with digital data and computer technology to help let the rocks tell their story of the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth (Latest Cretaceous) and much later when glaciers covered much of Canada



BSc Geology 1980 – UBC


Petroleum and Coal

Geostatistics and Mathematical Geology

Computer Mapping, GIS and 3D Geological Modelling

Hydro Dam and Engineering Geology

Field mapping and Drilling

Exploration, Development, Production, Environmental, IT and Research


 President, Dinosaur Valley Heritage Society

Producer East Coulee Spring Festival

 Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology (volunteer scientist)

 Imperial Oil - 36 years

 Fording Coal, Shell Coal, BC Hydro (summer jobs)